Thursday, July 16, 2015

A guide for the TSHOOT Exam

For the TSHOOTv2 exam we will encounter:
Some Simlets (small troubleshooting sims)
Multiple Choice Questions
+ 13/16 Troubleshooting Tickets (check them at the right-side menu)
Below is a summary of 16 Tickets you will see in the exam:
DeviceError Description
ASW11. Access port not in VLAN 10
2. Port Channel not allowing VLAN 10
3. Port Security
DSW11. HSRP track 10
2. VLAN filter
1. Wrong IP of BGP neighbor
2. NAT – Access list mis-configured
3. WAN access-list statement missing
4. OSPF Authentication
R21. IPv6: enable OSPF
R31. IPv6: remove “tunnel mode ipv6″
R41. EIGRP – wrong AS
2. Redistribute (“to” & -> )
3. DHCP Range mis-configured
4. EIGRP Passive Interface
5. missing Redistribution from RIPng to OSPFv3
Special note: In the old TSHOOT exam there were some tickets in which Client 1 & 2 got APIPA addresses (169.254.x.x) because they used DHCP to request their IP addresses. In the new TSHOOTv2 exam, Client1 & 2 IP addresses are statically assigned so you will not see APIPA addresses any more. Client1 & 2 always have IP addresses of &
Notice that in the exam, the tickets are randomly given so the best way to troubleshooting is to try pinging to all the devices from nearest to farthest from the client until you don’t receive the replies.
In each ticket you will have to answers three types of questions:
+ Which device causes problem
+ Which technology is used
+ How to fix it
One more thing to remember: you can only use “show” commands to find out the problems and you are not allowed to make any changes in the configuration. In fact, in the exam you can not enter the global configuration mode!
Screenshots for your reference:

(Please visit Share your TSHOOT v2.0 Experience for bigger images)
Also you can find more information about TSHOOT exam in TSHOOT FAQs and Tips.


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